Music as a Remedy for Addiction

music helps addictsAddiction treatment, in the form of rehab or otherwise, is always recommended for cases of addiction, but interestingly, another effective way of recovering from addiction is to do what you are passionate about. For musicians, choosing to devote themselves back to their talent and their craft can mean the difference between recovery and addiction. In some cases, it can even mean the difference between life and death.

The reason that returning to the craft of musicianship can pull a musician out of addiction is because passion replaces the need for addiction. People remain addicted as long as they do because they enjoy the ride they are on initially. Their addiction gives them a secret escape to indulge in and forget about the hard realities of the world for a time. What is interesting is that being¬†wrapped up in what you are passionate about actually gives you the same feeling. The literal source of the feeling is a brain chemical called dopamine. Dopamine is what is released in our brains that tells us we are having a pleasurable experience. The best way to describe the feeling of a dopamine release is a “rush.” Feelings of excitement, adrenaline, renewal and adventure come flooding. One can easily imagine how both a mind-altering substance and answering a life calling can generate these basic human feelings. The difference is, one is healthy and sustainable and one can pose threat to your entire existence.

A musician that learns how to channel all their energy, talent, angst, emotion and intelligence into their music is a wise one. When a musician, or any artist for that matter, recognizes their potential to fall into addiction or substance abuse because of their personality type, the best thing they can do for themselves is to guard their heart and their mind against addiction and hold even tighter to their life’s purpose.