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Music, the Music Industry and Addiction

To a musical artist, music is everything. All of life is approached from an audial perspective. Every song heard on the radio is analyzed and broken down. Musicians are guided through life by their ears; their inlet for creative talent. Musicians who succeed in the music industry are very passionate and driven, and give everything […]

Music as a Remedy for Addiction

Addiction treatment, in the form of rehab or otherwise, is always recommended for cases of addiction, but interestingly, another effective way of recovering from addiction is to do what you are passionate about. For musicians, choosing to devote themselves back to their talent and their craft can mean the difference between recovery and addiction. In […]

Music Industry Opens Doors to Addiction

Making it in the music industry is the ultimate prize to any professional musician. The music industry is a ruthless one to break into, full of fierce competition, dishonesty and superficiality. But for those who make it to the realm of music celebrity within the industry, it is the highest rank that can be obtained […]

Music is Everything

For a true musician, music is life. Ideas for songs are constantly coming to you, you notice the music and sound environment everywhere you go, instruments and music technology are a major financial investment in your life and a majority of your friends are also musicians. A consummate musician will live, eat and sleep music […]