It is not a new thing to hear a musician who is addicted to either of the two major addictions: drugs and alcohol. Musicians are a distinct group of people when it comes to the addiction concept. A good look at the psychology of a musician, you would realize that there is a conflict between their emotions and their intellect. This intellect grants them control and great skill when it comes to playing music and reading, while their emotions grants them the needed inspiration and the importance of having music in their lives.

The use of substances such as drugs or alcohol, is a practice which is very debatable and demands great watchfulness, as it is a very controversial issue. Some individuals are of the opinion that using these substances have a pivotal role in enhancing the creative skill of writing music lyrics among musicians, while others argue that taking drugs and alcohol play a destructive role in the life of the musician.

However, it has been proved that the extreme use of drug and alcohol, have a detrimental impact on the life of any musician. Due to the fact that musicians are seeking ways in order to ensure that they handle emotions well, taking these substances seems like a measure to make it happen. Eventually, it becomes an obstacle to their creative-thought process.

The strongest reason which faces substance abuse, is the issue of mental disorder and addiction. There is a thin line between substance use and substance abuse. In the life of a musician, substance abuse is an immediate satisfaction for the brain, and it cannot be self-regulated. As a result of this, addiction and mental disorder sets in.

The creation of music requires a brain which is highly-functioning, and looking at the best music in history, you would discover that it came from musicians who perfected their art. This is why musicians have resorted to using substances to enhance their creativity.

Musicians who are hooked to any substance, are advised to check out treatment programmes which are customized for them. A good number of these programmes have erstwhile music addicts who have years of experience in helping out addicts on the road to recovery. Hence, music addicts should not hesitate to seek for prompt help.